Financial Aid

Enrolling in college is a life changing decision and finding a way to fund your education is no easy task. However, the Financial Aid Office at North Georgia Technical College is committed to helping you find a way to earn the education that you deserve.

North Georgia Technical College realizes that most students need financial assistance in order to attend school. From state programs such as HOPE Grant, HOPE Scholarship, and Zell Miller Scholarship, to Federal aid programs such as Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), the Federal Work Study Program, and Direct Student Loans the Financial Aid Office at North Georgia Technical College offers a wide variety of aid options to help every student meet their educational goals.

Special notice: In the best interest of our students, NGTC has decided to begin disbursing federal student aid benefits under a standard two term disbursement schedule. Research has indicated that a majority of our students are unable to take advantage of full Pell benefits under the current three term disbursement schedule. This new procedure will become effective Fall term 2013 for the 2013-2014 financial aid year.

What does this mean for the student?

  • Students may anticipate a greater award package for fall and spring terms. 
  • Students should not anticipate federal Pell grant or SEOG awards for summer term unless the student has remaining eligibility left over from the prior fall and spring terms. We encourage students who receive full awards for fall and spring to set aside any available funds in preparation of payment if the student is required or chooses to attend during the summer term.
  • Students receiving state aid benefits such as Zell Scholarship, HOPE Grant, and HOPE Scholarship may still receive said award for summer term.
  • Federal students loans will still be available for summer term, however we anticipate the need/amounts required for summer will be greatly reduced due to the new disbursement schedule, therefore reducing student debt.

Applications and requests for aid must be completed and/or renewed each academic year, which begins July 1 and ends June 30. Students may complete the necessary applications and requests for financial aid online at No internet access? NGTC has computer labs that are available for student use.

Financial aid is available to eligible students enrolled at North Georgia Technical College. Applications and more information are available through the contacts listed below:

Clarkesville and Currahee Campus

  • Phone:
    • Last name beginning A-F 706-754-7766
    • Last name beginning G-O 706-754-7727
    • Last name beginning P-Z 706-754-7864
  • Email:

Blairsville Campus

  • Phone: 706-439-6339
  • Email:

Student Eligibility

In order for students to receive financial assistance from federal or state financial aid programs he/she must:

  • • Be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program.
  • • Be a U.S. citizen/national or an eligible non-citizen.
  • • Be making satisfactory academic progress in accordance with institutional policy.
  • • Not be in default on a Perkins/National Direct Student Loan, Stafford/Guaranteed Student Loan, PLUS, Supplemental Loan for Students, Income Contingent Loan, or a Consolidated Loan.
  • • Not owe a refund on a Title IV program.
  • • Meet registration requirements indicating either that he/she has registered with the Selective Service or that he/she is not required to register.
  • • Have a high school diploma or GED®. (Not required for HOPE grant).
  • • Be a Georgia High School Graduate who has lived in Georgia for the past 12 consecutive months. (Required for HOPE).  OR
  • • Be Non-Georgia High School Graduate who has lived in Georgia for the past 24 consecutive months. (Required for HOPE).

Application and Document Priority Deadlines:

Students applying for financial aid past the priority date deadline will have their application processed in the order in which it was received. Because of processing times, student is not guaranteed to have aid posted to his/her account before the payment deadline. If this occurs, student should be prepared to pay tuition and fees prior to the payment deadline and await reimbursement, if eligible.

  • Spring Semester 2014: December 1, 2013

How to Apply

To apply for financial aid, a student must complete the FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID (FAFSA) available at Students who require assistance in completing the application or would like for the NGTC staff to review the application, will need to provide the information (tax records, social security information, etc.) used in the completion of the application.