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North Georgia Technical College is dedicated to providing for the language needs of bilingual students through the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Language learners range widely, from very limited skills to moderate ability to extended fluency. Therefore, the college offers ESL classes at three levels—Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. ESL classes are offered at the NGTC Adult Education Center in Cornelia and Cornelia First Baptist Church.

Beginning ESL provides instruction in conversational English, in life-coping skills, and beginning basic reading and writing.

Intermediate ESL provides continued development of conversational English in life-coping skills. This level will improve the student’s speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Advanced ESL provides instruction in grammar and usage, and effective speaking and writing in English.

EL/Civics classes are offered at the Adult Education Center in Cornelia. This instruction is intended to assist immigrants with limited English proficiency in acquiring the basic skills necessary to navigate governmental, educational, workplace, banking, healthcare, and other key American institutions. The program incorporates instruction on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, naturalization procedures, civic participation, and United States history and government.

For more information about these classes, call Christy Gosnell at (706) 754-7717.